Tie Dyed Sunrise

Both Saturday and Sunday morning I enjoyed some much needed sleep, sleeping as late as my little son would allow me.  Both days after I woke I saw some amazing images taken by friends who got out early to shoot sunrise.  On Sunday evening I noticed the hourly forecasted weather condiftions looked similar again for Monday morning, but for a little more humidity.  As I left heading into downtown Portland from the west side suburbs at nautical dawn, the skies were uniquely clear, cloudy and thick with humidity all at the same time.  Without heistation I took a little detour on my way to work to see the sun rise from  Pittock Mansion.  In my opinion this is the best public view of the city, and there is no better place from which I enjoy my morning coffee.

As I was strolling onto the Pittock Mansion grounds, I laughed out loud in eager anticipation, as there was already a faint pink glow on the horizon beside Mt Hood.  Conditions could not look any better for amazing sunrise color.  For the next half hour the pink glow only increased as the city woke.  One lady took a break from her morning walk with her black lab and could not keep herself from taking a photo with her cell phone.  Other than that, I was alone in this popular location treated with the most magical light.  I shot many more frames than I need, often double checking my focus and bracketing my exposure.  I wanted to make sure that I wasn't making of this truly special light.  I have made it a personal project over the past year to stop at this location near my home and have shot many frames of this beautiful northwest city in many different types of light and weather, albeit with virtually same composition.  Since I first shot from this viewpoint, I've hoped for light as I got on this morning.  Yesterday morning's light makes each trip and shoot here that much more rewarding, as this is easily my favorite photograph of a project that I was already quite pleased with.  I only wish you all could have joined me for this half hour of truly magical light.