Briefly Blue

I really enjoy shooting the city during blue hour, the time of day before the sun rises and after it sets where the sky is a pleasant and even royal blue in color.  In my opinion it is best right and the most even with the city lights right at civil dawn and civil dusk, and for only about five minutes, if that.  In Portland, shooting at civil dawn from the Eastbank Esplanade on the Willamette River, with the yet to rise sun at my back, puts this perfectly blue sky over Portland’s picturesque skyline.  The down side is that this photo opportunity happens earlier and earlier each morning now through the summer solstice.

I took nearly this same photo three years ago, from the overlook at the firehall under the interstate overpass to the Marquam Bridge.  But since I upgraded to a full frame kit, I had to shoot it again with the warm and clear weather we had two weeks ago.  Below is my shot from that morning.  Worth the 4:30 am alarm in my opinion.

Blue Hawthorne Dawn