Tulip Time

Tulips are such a colorful treat that come with each long awaited spring.  Their short season of rich color make enjoying the tulip fields near Portland that much more special.  These tulip fields must be seen in person to truly be appreciated, and you’ve got until May 5 to enjoy it yourself at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.  Being surrounded by such color, especially bathed in warm light and with good company is so much more rich of an experience than any photo can show.

Within a one week period I was able to visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm five times.  While this may seem excessive, each visit offered different light and weather.  This variety let me try to take a range of different types of photos with different lenses.  I made it a goal to show many aspects of of this tulip farm’s wonder and magic, from smallest details to the large scale grandeur of these fields.

I’ve not yet processed all the images I would like to from last week’s shooting, but I’ll start off by showing an early favorite from each visit. As I get through the shots, I’ll try to get a post up with more details and more images from each day.

evening, 4/7 - Spring Drama

evening, 4/9 - Patriot Alley

evening, 4/11 - A Little Bit of Dutch

morning, 4/12 - Tulip Dew Drop

evening, 4/13 - Tall, Dark and Handsome

Here's a bonus shot of my wonderful and supportive wife, along with my little assistant.

my wife and our little guy came along for one trip