Top Ten of 2013

Tis the season for photographers to show their favorite photos from the previous year, and I will not be an exception to this trend.  I look forward to this exercise each year for reasons which I have given in previous year's posts, but I'll say them in summary again.  I love reliving the year's photographic highlights and seeing my own improvement over the course of the year and from year to year when I compare my recent favorite top ten photographs to those from previous years.

2012 was a very exciting year for me photographically.  I upgraded to a full frame camera, and took trips to Maui, the Redwoods in northern California, and to White Sands and Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico.  However, 2013 was quite different when comparing adventures.  My wife and I were not able to take a vacation, and in October we welcomed our second child, which has since taken almost all of what free time I previously had as I try to help my wife out around the home and with our kids.  Our new little daughter's October arrival kept me from getting out to shoot autumn color.  Had the fall color not been lacking punch, I may have been able to get out once or twice, but no more, but even that is likely wishful thinking.

But do not think that 2013 was dull or a loss for me photographically!  I blitzed in the spring to shoot the popular cherry blossoms on four outings, and managed to get out to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm five times during the spring.  I spent the year making more of an effort to try to capture special light, which requires return trips to locations and leaving the camera in the trunk so special light can be easily shot on a whim.  I gave myself the little project of trying to stop by the best viewpoint of Portland, Pittock Mansion, many times throughout the year on my daily commute to and from the office to catch magical light and weather.  This little project proved fruitful, as four of my favorite ten images are from this one location.

As unadventurous as 2013 was, I can not expect 2014 to be much more exciting.  My wife does all she can to look after our kids on her own and let me get out shooting as often as possible.  Even as little time as I now find to do get out, I am finding even less time time to process what images I may capture.  On one hand I am frustrated by this lack of time, but on the other hand I am fortunate to have two kids at home who are in the  a truly special season of life that I refuse to miss.  For that reason, below is my favorite image from my project of taking a portrait each week of our daughter through her first year, who is three months old today.  It is very rewarding to review and post these favorite ten photographs from 2013, and I am already excited to do the same a year from now.