A New Home

First off, welcome to my new site, and thanks for stopping by to visit!  If you haven't already, please take a look around, check out your favorite gallery, and don't forget to maximize your browser window for the best experience.  I built this site (far from ground up, many thanks to the kind folks at Squarespace) with the sole focus being for this to be the best place to go on the web to most enjoy the photos I have had so much fun making.  I hope it's a place you are eager to return to, and find inspiration to enjoy the beauty all around you.

For now, the site's galleries are sparsely populated.  I need to get some shots posted from the archives, but even more so, I need to get out in the warming weather and shoot some spring scenes!

Please feel free to add any feedback about the look and feel of this new site, it would be much appreciated.