Spring Is In The Air

One of my favorite pleasures of the changing seasons is seeing blossoms bud and open in spring.  I doubt I’m alone in enjoying this.  Sunday afternoon I spent a couple of hours with a nearby plum blossom tree.  It was full of buds and blossoms, and even the odd early emerging leaf.  Stacking my 36mm and 20mm extension tubes allowed my 70-200mm lens to be a poor man’s macro lens.  I shot with the camera on the tripod in order to be extra mindful of my composition.  Because of the mild but gusty wind, I shot bursts of around five or six frames to try to get a single sharp photo for each composition.  But, this method makes for a time consuming upload and sorting session on the computer.

First to Pop

"My" tree was full of blossoms, some even on branches that hung down to ground level.  This gave me endless possibilities for compositions of single blossoms or groups of blossoms.  Choosing simple backgrounds was, as always, top priority.  I was in heaven.  However, each little gust of wind blew every poor blossom about, and gave me fits.  None the less, I had a wonderful ninety minutes with one tree and countless pretty spring plum blossoms, and even got a few photos I like.

Pink Blossom Bouquet

Splash of Spring