Forest Grove Concours D'Elegance

Last month a neighbor of ours and I enjoyed a morning together at the Forest Grove Concours D'Elegance classic car show. It's far and away the best show I've attended with regards to the number of cars on display, but also the quality of the restorations. The muscle cars often featured in a classic car show were off somewhere in the back of the Pacific University grounds, as my favorite era of cars were prominently displayed. I love the big long cars from the twenties and the thirties, with their dramatic sweeping fenders and decorated spare tires. There were also custom cars, newer sports cars and older imports as well.

Just like shooting animals at a zoo, I tried to isolate portions of cars and not give away too easily that I was merely an attender at the car show. I'd really like to spend at minimum of an hour each with so many of the cars shown on this day in great light, but I did not have that luxury. Instead, I found it tough to take a single shot that didn't include several legs of people reflected in the body panels. I shot all of these photos with my new Olympus micro four thirds camera and the kit 14-42mm zoom lens it came with, as I had just picked it up from Pro Photo Supply the day before. I'm eager to go back to the car show again next year with a sharper prime lens on this camera (more on this new compact mirrorless camera soon). I really couldn't have enjoyed myself much more than I did, spending the morning another car nut in perfect weather with so many beautifully restored works of art, and with a new and very fun camera. The above gallery are my favorite 25 photos from the show, but it was tough to limit this little gallery to 25. There just too many beautiful cars that I couldn't help but say "Wow!" when I first saw them.