Top Ten Photos from 2014

Another year has passed, and it's time again to review my favorite photographs from the last year. I've mentioned before how much I enjoy this process. For the thousands of images on my hard disk taken in the past year, these ten stand out most to me. My family takes priority over making photographs, so as a result I didn't travel too far from home just to take photos, I didn't get the time I had hoped to process a lot of photos, and I didn't get the free time I had hoped for to learn and grow my post processing skills. Still, I can't help but review my favorite ten photos from 2014 without getting a big smile on my face. I am reminded of some of the most special light and moments I had the treat of witnessing with my camera, and I can still see improvement from 2013 in what I made of these moments.

But I am cringing a little while writing this post, because I know that I captured some special light a couple of times in 2014, but I have not yet processed the files that should really be in this top ten list. Maybe in a few months I'll post the images that should've been included in this list now. None the less, here below are my favorite photographs from 2014, shown in chronological order. I’m already eager to see how 2015’s top ten list will look.