Top Ten Photos from 2015

Unfortunately you don't need to scroll down too far in my blog to find my "top ten photos from 2014" post. It's been a very busy year for my family as we were thrilled with the arrival of our third child. Though my wife is much more generous than she should be with letting me get out to shoot, time spent out with my camera is becoming even more scarce. Even so, I am still pushing to try push and improve in this craft that brings me so much joy.

My brother kindly mentioned over the Christmas holidays when I showed him my favorite 35 photos from 2015 how my photography is still improving. This was a huge and very kind compliment, and I think my favorite ten photos from 2015 show this. As I've said in years past, it's rewarding to compare your favorite ten images from year to year and measure your growth as a photographer. I really enjoy this annual January exercise. 

Most of these images were taken close to home this past year. I just managed to take one photography trip, to Washington State's Palouse region. I have struggled to find the time to sort through and process the more than 1,000 files I came home with from that trip. I have yet to process what should become my best photo from 2015, a stunning sunrise over Portland, because I am not yet confident my current post processing abilities will do justice to the scene I stood amazed in front of at on that October morning. So, here are the favorite ten photographs I made in 2015 that I have already finished, shown in the order I captured them. I hope you enjoy these, and if you enjoy making your own photos, please take the time to reward yourself by making your own top ten list!