Red Breasted Sapsucker

I love the challenge of capturing the fine detail on birds and showing those who see these photos just how much intricacy and beauty even the most common birds possess.  Just fifteen minutes from my home is Dawson Creek Park, where I like to enjoy many birds, and of course, photograph the birds.  A few weeks ago after a day at the office, I grabbed my camera and headed to Dawson Creek with one goal in mind; to capture a little red-breasted sapsucker.  This medium sized woodpecker isn’t commonly seen, but the few that are at this public park don’t mind people as much as other sapsuckers do.

Red-Breasted Sapsucker

I approached the trees where these little guys usually hang out, and immediately spotted one.  Hoping to get close to the bird, I fixed my 12mm extension tube between the camera body and the 400mm lens.  Though the ground was soft and muddy, I got down on my belly and crawled in close to where I expected the sapsucker to return to.  It didn’t take more than a minute before the bird returned to the exact spot I put myself in position for.  I spent over fifteen minutes in the mud before I began to stiffen up form the uncomfortable position I was in.

I was definitely a little lucky on this trip.  Fifteen minutes is far from much time to spend shooting a bird.  But my commitment to get one good photo of a specific bird paid off, even if it cost an extra load of laundry.  That’s a cheap price to pay in my mind!