Portland Postcard View - Shooting Often

I’m fortunate to live only a few miles from what may be the best view point of Portland, Pittock Mansion.  Since I commute into town for work each day, it’s easy for me to stop at Pittock Mansion for sunrise, or after work for a nicely lit cityscape.  I’ve been making an effort of late to pack my gear to work to get more scenes of the city, as are pictured here in this post.  However, I haven’t packed my gear each day, and due to this laziness, I’ve watched a few amazing sunrises in angst while commuting to work without my camera.

I’ll keep trying to capture more shots from this location this spring.  After all, each day presents the same location and scene in a different way.  Different seasons, different weather and different times of day all lead to different light, and each of these can be shot with different techniques, different lenses and apertures and processed differently yet too.  All these factors will keep me returning to this location time and time again, hoping to make many more unique photographs.  The most recent visit was during my drive home on Friday.  There was a cloudless sky, normally not very interesting photographically, but it revealed a snow capped Mt Hood, something not always seen from Portland.

While you may not have a spot near you this pretty, chances are there is some spot near your home that is beautiful and unique in some way.  What is it?  Have you taken advantage of capturing it at different times?