Portland From Pittock Project

One of Portland's treasures, Pittock Mansion, is celebrating 100 years by offering free admission over the next week!  If you are a history geek, as I am, it's definitely worth checking out.  The Oregonian recently had an article detailing the coming week, and some of the history of the mansion.

This past autumn's shortening daylight and cold weather brought fog and thick air on many mornings, so I took a few detours from my daily commute to the office to stop at Pittock Mansion to capture several sunrises and even a couple of sunsets.  Some turned out to be rather bland and dull, but on a couple of visits I was treated with some magical light.  Many mornings in October and recently now in January saw cold and clear weather with high humidity that brought fog to the Portland area.  On some mornings the fog was high and took all day to burn off, but on other mornings the fog laid low in the city and produced some dramatic and contrasty light when the sun first rose.  Just recently I was fortunate to catch a morning that had Mount Hood showing on a clear horizon with most of the city covered in a low blanket of fog, with just the west most buildings visible on the fog's edge.  I do still want to keep returning to capture some more weather, fog and light conditions.  The coming spring should give some interesting changing weather and clouds to photograph.  However, the season for fog in the Willamette Valley is drawing to an end, and I will look forward to shooting more of that again next fall and winter.

With several more recent images to show from this classic postcard view at Pittock Mansion, I've added a projects gallery for which this personal project will have its' own page.  It's just my little was to celebrate the 10th birthday of Pittock Mansion!  Please check it out, and if you live in the Portland area, consider visiting this location out for yourself, especially when there is interesting and changing light and weather.  You never know what kind a beautiful painting of our city will unfold before your eyes.