2017 Photography Goals

Ten percent of 2017 is already in the rearview mirror, so if I don’t quickly post my photography goals for 2017 I may miss them entirely. Last year I completely failed on my first goal of learning new post processing techniques, but spent a large part of my free time in 2016 on my second goal of organizing my digital photography catalog. The catalog is nearly 5 TB in size, and I had made a huge mess of it in my first six years of serious photography. It feels so satisfying to have completed that goal and to have my photos all sorted and backed up (one copy locally and one off site, just in case). My photography work really suffered in 2016 due to the severity of this much needed organizing. I spent many free evenings sorting files rather than processing current photos, or learning how to better process photos.

While quite pretty, I need to explore the city of Portland more and find some new compositions of my home town's skyline

For 2017 I have a simple list of goals. I know with a young family and coaching my oldest son’s tee ball team this spring I won’t have as much time to spend doing photography as I’d wish to have, and that’s just fine with me. Nothing gives me more joy than those three little kids! Anyways, here are my goals for 2017:

  1. Learn to proficiently blend exposures in Photoshop. There is no better way to process some of the landscape photos that I’ve already captured but don’t yet have the processing skills to finish with the vision I have for them.
  2. Double my stock photo portfolio. Stock photography is far from what it used to be a couple of decades ago (so I hear), but the passive income suits me well in this hectic season of life.
  3. Explore more, shoot a minimum of 6 new cityscape locations and at least two new landscape locations in the Pacific Northwest. My personality is one that can easily get stuck in ruts. I need to force myself to out of these ruts and work more out of my comfort zone. I’m beginning to get a little tired of going to some of the same locations at the same time of day, even if there is some specific weather and light combinations I haven’t captured there yet.
  4. Make at least one blog post each month. I know it’s recommended to post much more often than this, but at least monthly would be more consistent than just an annual post of last year’s best images. Please let me know if there is anything specifically or any genres of blog posts that you would enjoy seeing, I’d be glad to try my best to accommodate any requests!
  5. Start an Instagram account. I feel old and out of date not having a photographic presence on Instagram yet, but that needs to end this year. I still actually prefer the way Flickr is organized over Instagram, Google+ and 500px, but Flickr is pretty much a ghost town now unfortunately. So like it or not, Instagram, here I come!!!

I’d love to see your top photographic goals for this year if you have made your own in the comments section below. I hope I can complete each of mine and have better, more striking and more engaging photos to show for it a year from now.

My most popular image to date in 2017