Gallery Wraps


Gallery wraps are available in many sizes up to 30" x 40", and printed on either canvas or metallic paper.  Canvas has a wonderful texture, especially noticable when the wrap is well lit.  Metallic wraps are quite sharp and vibrant, and depending on the photo, can give a mirror like reflection.  Photos printed on metallic are punchy, and inspire "wows". Please note that prints and displays shipped to addresses in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin will need to be charged state sales taxes. Common gallery wrap sizes and their prices are as follows (and an additional $10.00 for shipping within the United States), with custom solutions always available:


Gallery Wrap Prices ($US)


12" x 18"      $160

16" x 24"      $185

16" x 30"      $240

20" x 30"      $260

20" x 40"      $265

24" x 36"      $315

30" x 40"      $395

40" x 60"      $695

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